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TaeIsBae02 Rating
This yaoi's especially sexy, but it's also very funny!
Qinni Rating
Absolutely adorable story, quite comedic as well, and now I feel all fluffy inside haha. The art is also very well drawn and has some nice sexy scenes <3
himarin64 Rating
Oh my gosh I absolutely love this manga!At first the preview didn't appeal to me since it was a bit slow to start, but further in chapter one things really start to get interesting. Honda-sensei's artwork is lovely and the story is silly and sweet. If you like tsundere ukes and happily-ever-after endings you'll like this one; definitely recommend :)
OzawaShuri Rating
Aaaaahhh!!! I WANT MORE!!! This manga is so amazing and cute
Shinoshallbugyou21 Rating
The art is nice and if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have bought the two volumes I did. The story had a good premise but fell short when it rushed it wayyyyy to quickly. Unfortunately rushing things like that tend to ruin multiple yaois for me. The sudden spark of jealousy in the second chapter was unnecessary and made me disappointed that it was falling into the normal almost tropey pitfalls of bad yaoi. I couldn't buy the third volume and on- I just can't. I wished it had been better! I'm not trying to be mean- Just offering honest critique.
secretobsession Rating
Ehh the start to the relationship is a little off putting I prefer a less traumatic beginning. All in all a good read
marmar808 Rating
I absolutely love this I've read it more then once ( lmao probably 3 times ?)
0hRa30h Rating
They got started on the wrong foot, but they gradually grew to like & get to know each other. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this (twice now as I write this review). It had just the right amount of romance, humor and not too much drama before they found their HEA.
MixedMeta4 Rating
This was pretty cute! The start was a bit rough, but I like a bit of a tsundere type interaction.
Kikyo12 Rating
Very sexy and sweet.
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