User Reviews For: A Genius Can't Understand This Stupid Thing Called Love!?


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1life1love Rating
I started off strong but it says 'complete' so I am not sure if it ended. Cuz it looks like there's more to come or more to the story.
OatOatPatches Rating
Apparently it's completed but it feels like it's not even over yet. Not the best artwork or story but it's something to read. I wouldn't recommend it. I wish I could get a refund, honestly.
Girlanime Rating
Started off strong in volume 1 but it now says that the series is completed after volume 2? It doesn't really resolve anything and seems more like they've just decided to stop translating it or the author up and discontinued it. There is no real resolution so unless there is more on the way? I'd say buy Volume 1 and imagine the rest. It will be more fulfilling that way.
PassionDevourer Rating
It doesn't tie up the ending very well, as it implies at least one more chapter to come. However, it does have a very nice set up. If there's two things that could imorove the story, I'd say that there should be more explanation regarding motives - both men seem to have no real reason for their actions - and that the relationship between the heroine and her interest needs to be more developed. As it stands, it appears that her original feelings of love were flimsy, and I don't think that was the intent. Like I said, it could benefit from another chapter.
Angelfox7 Rating
Idk how it is complete it just leaves you hanging right in the middle I have very mixed feelings about this it starts off so good but the end is so .....
dokidokidead Rating
I don't understand the ones who rated this more than 2 stars... don't waste the points.
AyaUchiha09 Rating
I love this and I'm so excited I can't wait to read the next chapter! I want to see if can put away the scientific way of what love is and the whole thing about I know how to make a baby thing a side and just learn or feel what love is all about.
Mymomsname1 Rating
Who would've thought that a smart man couldn't understand the concept of love?!? This manga leaves much to the imagination and still makes the reader push for more after the chapter has ended. Each scene is its own major theme. The writer makes this manga so relative to those outside of the book and still make it seem like a dream!
amiami22 Rating
First chapter is pretty cute so far. You have a good looking guy who's more about studying and theory. A girl who just got turned down, and ends up as his next experiment to teach him about love.
theakaneko Rating
... that was it? That is the end? It started really strong in volume one and was still moving. What happens next?! I enjoyed it enough to have spent the points, but what an unsatisfying "complete" notification.
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