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Midnite Rating
Adorable characters with unique personalities. Takes until the second or third chapter to realize they aren't quite the personalities you're made to assume in the beginning. The premise may not be unique but, the story is told with a sense of humor that keeps you engaged, as well as makes the steamy scenes tie in well with the characters. That is often an important aspect of sex scenes which helps those moments feel less random. A good read! You won't be disappointed. (The shortness of each chapter, and that you pay for each, is my only complaint.)
Queenie8393 Rating
This is my favorite that I've read so far. Forget the wonderful art, the smut, and an interesting plot, it makes me laugh, even when I reread. I would buy this one, not rent, because if you read it once you'll have to read it again.
funbrillo Rating
This is a good manga. Don't let the ridiculous title throw you off. Highly recommended.
kcfantastic Rating
Kind of weird, ultimately very sweet (and hot), definitely recommend!
kleepart Rating
The title turned me way off. To be honest I like it when the titles are in a language I can't understand! However, I really have enjoyed this story so far. It's very sexy, and the characters are funny and quite cute. I definitely recommend it, despite what seems like a ridiculous set up.
Athenaspace Rating
So crazy fun to read, loved watching our pessimistic duo fall for each other, its sooooo cute ????
stan123 Rating
Hilarious and unique! Love it.
baozhai666 Rating
The first manga I ever want to write a review of. The art is gorgeous, the characters are super interesting, it's funny as hell, and they're a REVERSIBLE couple! 1 ticket per chapter is just waaay too good.
LiWen Rating
Doesn't stick to the tropes to firmly & the characters are interesting. I'd definitely say it's worth it for the humor alone, but there's plenty cuteness & steam if that's what you want too. Bought all the chapters & reread it twice!
AlwaysAnju Rating
What an unexpected treasure! The first chapter and description totally betray the rest and I mean that in the best way possible. I really love the way the characters were drawn to represent their switched personas, it especially stood out in sex scenes and was very well done. Art style was great, both characters were super lovable, and even the fact that their relationship is insanely fast paced seems to work for this story somehow.My only criticism is that I wish the threats of suicide were not as constant and sarcastic, it felt rather manipulative - but even that wasn't enough to destroy how much fun I had reading this. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more work by this artist.
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