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Funtowicz Rating
Okay, so I really like the premise here: guy meets girl on street, asks if she wants to go in, girl is actually guy. I don't think it ends with the premise though, it goes deeper and the girl (guy) is a stripper! Super fun concept, did not disappoint.
TheBetterStory Rating
Cute, but light. There isn't a heck of a lot of character development or plot. That said, there are plenty of things I liked, such as Yoshitaka's cute younger sister (who's incredibly accepting of her brother's presumed gayness) and the way Kaede takes charge in bed. It's always nice to see a shamelessly sexual uke.These kinds of stories also tend to make the person who moves in such a mooch that you can't understand why the other character puts up with them, but that isn't the case here, which is refreshing. Kaede's pushy, but he still cooks, cleans, and is generally pretty great for Yoshitaka. Recommended if you don't mind a directionless plot so long as it has lots of sex and minimal drama.
biggestrebel Rating
this one was so funny amd cute i loved it! I really love how the relationship develops and the humor!!!! I love Yoshis friends at the end lol but overall, def worth the buy!!!!
legallybling Rating
I can't believe I've been sleeping on this title for so long. It's really fun. A good blend of wacky and charmingly realistic.
TouchTheSound Rating
I really enjoy this title.
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