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Cecille Rating
I love it! Nice artwork and pretty hot scenes going on. I really love seeing all the yandere expressions coming from the male protagonist in this manga lol. Definitely a must read!
Yumeko Rating
A must read if you like male yanderes the protagonist is sweet and kind but maybe a bit too trusting sometimes
Flyaway Rating
What an amazing manga. I binged read it in two days. I finished the latest volume "14" It is so worth the money.To be honest, I love everyone in this manga, the girl, the guy, the friend, and the boss.Now, my comments might contain some spoilers, so proceed with caution. I like the Boss the most; he is very nice and considerate. I feel sad about how things went down, but then again, the author found a way to make it work somehow. So, yeah there will be a twist, a nice one. Honestly. I really respect the Boss. I feel our girl loves her boyfriend but loves the boss as well.Her love for the boss is a platonic love, but her love for her boyfriend is the erotic sensual love. I love how he is so protective of her, but at the same time, I hated when he told her to leave her job. I think no girl or guy should leave their job for the one they love; trust me when things go south you will be lonely and jobless, so don't ever leave your job just to please your lover, it never ends well.However, since she still works and found her passion with something else, I don't mind her leaving the old job.Again, I love the boss more, but I love the boyfriend as well. I remember the part when he told the bf that our girl is not his property, but the girl does not mind, so who we are to complain!The hot scenes with the boyfriend are crazy and are really good and explicit with some bold conversations.I hope this story keeps on going for more chapters, it surely is entertaining, and especially with the new love story that just started on the sideline for the other girl :) Rooting for her!.
bunniefufu Rating
This is a good manga.Artwork is beautiful and the smut scenes are eye catching. Storyline so far from what I have read which is up to vol 6 seems pretty- cliched in a way. It's good, not saying it is not, but some part of me wants a little more of- everything every time I read this manga. If you want smutty, this is great. If you want story, as of where I am in the manga, maybe no just because it feels cliched.
amiami22 Rating
The artwork is so beautiful. The male protagonist is very possessive, and the female protagonist is a little too trusting. But I also can't hate either of them. I have a feeling Kazuma is hiding a secret to protect the main Ayano. I can't wait for more chapters!
RedGeisha Rating
Such a beautiful story, the artwork is amazing. The chapters are a little short.
peichi Rating
I was pretty interested in this even though it's not my usual type of story and I don't like Yanderes. Until ch. 7 where the FL cheats on the ML with her boss. If I wanted to I could try and justify what she does given the circumstances, but ultimately I just despise cheating and there is no excuse for her to not at least attempt to call him and break it off first. It's a well told story with good smut, but personally I cannot move past the cheating.
Mangareader Rating
Similar to others I originally thought this would be pretty cliche, but the character development and nuance in the story is insane - I have to say I'm a little peeved at the female main character for some of her decisions, but this series delves into the why pretty deeply. Literally never expected a deep conversation about Stockholm Syndrome when diving into what seemed to be an endless smut. While logically I know who she should choose (and I typically hate the heck out of love triangles) there is a balance of characters on both sides of the story and the author puts effort into every character's story. I do wish the female main character had deeper final conversations with some of the characters vs "I follow my heart" but there's enough nuance to make me feel content.
8Winters Rating
It's okay. I feel like the first chapter moved too fast to flow well. Seems more like it focuses on the sex than things leading up to the meeting and bonding of the two characters.
eboorenta01ul44l0l Rating
the plit is so nice!!!! i like the plot the most!!!
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