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Akuinu16 Rating
This story has the right amount of adorable sexiness to make it enjoyable. Definitely one of my favorites.
doomsy Rating
Consent is a big issue for me so it being unclear whether Teru was consenting or not bothered me for most of the volumes. The only one that seemed to get consent at first was Yuga. The last volume was good though. Teru finally spoke his mind and consented. Koki is too forceful to me. I prefer Yuga. The art is good though and, while Koki's isn't really developed, the volumes do provide some insight into Teru and Yuga. My feelings are very mixed on this. I wish it was about Teru and Yuga without Koki.
bisser22 Rating
Like it
LMonster2 Rating
Overall, I wasn't that happy about this story. First off the main guy was so wish washy and ... ugh... then the dynamics of the two guys that fancied him weren't very strong. The story was really weak. Although there were parts I liked a bit, it didn't sate my overall desire I wish came from this story line.
Dericafb Rating
Im enjoy this 3p i ship them all
MissLucyPlum Rating
The story was okay. I feel like the plot was only a vehicle to get to the sex scenes. And while those scenes were pretty hot, the way they came about wasn't really believable. Also, I would've liked some character development. Like, I understand Teru's backstory and why he didn't push back against Yuga but the author didn't really resolve that issue in the end and Teru just comes off as someone who goes with anyone's pace. If you're looking for smut, this is a good comic for that but don't expect anything more.
NessaBDC Rating
Oh yaaaas, too cute. That delinquent is hot as fire. Can't wait to see how this whole thing goes.
irgroomer Rating
I absolutely love stories like this! It has a wonderful blend of adorable and sexy. And the way the relationship was worked is just perfect!
kurome Rating
I prefer Koki and Teru I think Yuga was the one that was too forceful I mean he kept on attacking Teru in every chance he got Koki had to stop him but he eventually goes along with it since they're into Teru and fighting for his affections.
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