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duckie666 Rating
i love these characters!it is really well drawn out and developed! Don't want it to end XX
lightmelody23 Rating
Absolutely LOVE this manga. There's actual character development accompanying the hot scenes ;) the main characters aren't romance cliches. The art is unique, in which I mean that every character has their own individuality. I personally love how they are so clueless about their own feelings, and how Rui is the go with the flow type of girl (its more like she's getting swept away by the waves but trying her best to ride the tide, if that makes sense lol) I always look forward to every new chapter, and am definitely awaiting to see how this one ends. Though this is definitely one of those mangas where I just want to keep on reading on and on. With that said, it'll definitely be worth every dollar spent to read each chapter.
finnyoak Rating
Came for the smut, stayed for the story holy hell. Azuma better not hurt my girl or I'll come into the 2D world and whoop his ass.
Linda Rating
I love the story even though it seems kinda rapey at first but he is totally falling for her he has mommy issues and hates perfume so her tomboyish habits kinda suit him better which is why he likes her she's not like the others I see him dropping the other females and properly proposing to rui. Wish I could read more but I'm broke...
EllieOutnumbered Rating
This couple is officially my favorite "clueless couple" They're so accidently sweet to each other. lol A very fun (and steamy) read!
Capitulate Rating
If you prefer male leads that are monogamous with the heroine from the start of their relationship or soon after you may not care for this one. If male protags that obsess over the heroine's virginity and exclusivity to them while having sex with several other women often within hours of doing it with the heroine are distasteful to you then you may not care for this one. If you find male leads that initially view foreplay as a cumbersome favor to the heroine, or frequently womanize using money as sexual leverage but act as if the women their using are the predatory ones unappealing then this one may not be for you. If none of those things are prohibitive to you then you may like this. There are a lot smutty scenes, but not much foreplay. There isn't much about the male protag that I care for, but he is gentle, shows moderate concern for the heroine initially, and isn't sadistic. The heroine is cool enough. She's fairly emotionally immature herself, and seems to not really value anything besides her work. She's fairly laid back about her situation. Some might find her more relatable physically because of her diminutive figure. I only made it through chapter 4 before I couldn't bear to spend anymore on this story, but I believe the other reviews about this being a slow burner with good pay off for those who aren't bothered by the things I mentioned. I just wanted to warn those with similar aversions to mine to trust their instincts and skip this one.
Kai Rating
One of my favorites. The couple is just so cute. I would say they are very innocent, but then they are having sex in every chapter (most of the time more than one scene). To be honest, maybe I'm a little obsessed with it. I've rented the Japanese ebooks, and then English when the translation comes out since my Japanese is only so so. I seriously recommend this!
jinxgirl5 Rating
I'm so in love with this series! The characters dance around being adorable, edgy, mysterious, and clueless. There's so many different sides to them yet it all fits perfectly, and watching all the interactions is amazing. And this might be just me, but I love that Rui isn't the "cute with big boobs" girl that always seems to pop up in these kinds of stories. I think that's kind of the point, something that makes her different from the "norm", but it's a refreshing change nonetheless! This is definitely a series I would recommend!
Mariahamiller540 Rating
I love rui and Azuma please update
CatOrWall Rating
It's interesting watching two characters, who don't know the slightest thing about love and aren't interested in finding out, fall for each other while remaining utterly clueless about it... Who would have thought that this bizarre beginning would give way to a healthy relationship (that neither will acknowledge)?
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