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NMAT64 Rating
I did like this story especially the first chapter. The Female MC didn't know how much she loved being tied up and controlled. The male character was not too satanist. But I didn't like as all the others books the female MC is always looking like a doll, with the wide eyes and looking very young, like a teenager. But if you like BDSM and tying up then this can be for you.
loopysheep Rating
You have to really understand S&M and shibari to get just how good this is. He doesn't coerce her. He takes everything at her pace. He is a very, very good dom.
yaspgirl94 Rating
I love this kind of Manga. So good and intoxicating.
Insanebaker Rating
Nice artwork. However, there too many "porn" part which is not my type.
lanling Rating
Weird story. Not my type.
Nevyik Rating
This story was so beautifully drawn. It feels a little rushed, story-wise. There were a few scenes were the artist didn't keep things in order. Specifically, there's a panel that the FL's arm's are supposed to be bound behind her head, but she's on her hands and knees.Despite that, the art and story are wonderful.
shiseiten Rating
Knocked down for the seemingly random editing out of the shibari tying in book 2. It's just in the first scene in it, and for some reason it's completely erased, even though it's in other portions of the comic fully intact. I'm not sure why it's just in the one scene, but it was rather distracting. It's a nice exploration of being trapped like a butterfly and the beauty of that, but everything just kinda feels surface level? I was a little disappointed in the lack of substance to the story. I still haven't bought the last chapter worth 6 tickets, but for now I'll probably hold off.
Risuna Rating
A wonderful, beautiful, and sexy story. I really love the female MC, she is absolutely beautiful & I love her adorable expressions. The unique art style drew me into each of the panels & kept me captivated with the story. I also love all the outfits she was able to wear and when I showed them to my own Master He said He would get them for me! Rino and I are both lucky pets.
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