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CrazyCatLady Rating
I really liked this and wish it had continued further. It had more of a plot than much of the Yaoi on Renta. There was decent character development and growth. The art was nice and the shit was hot. Definitely a good rent.
vallistafujoshi Rating
Excellent, i read it out of curiosity and really love the story...
yaspgirl94 Rating
I enjoyed the plotline and the characters.
WindyWing15 Rating
This was surprisingly good to read considering that I felt somewhat neutral about the prequel, "A RAVEN THAT CRIES BUT SHEDS NO TEARS". As a matter of fact it filled in most of the holes the previous title had in regard to portraying more of the characters' personalities. I got a good feel of what both Taizo and Kiyoto are like, and though I am not a fan of age gap couples in fiction, reading this was still a joy with the comedy and sweetness that this pair brings to the table. Not to mention that the portrayal of better sex scenes compared to the prequel is hot and kinky. Love it.
nbyk Rating
Really great! Though some of it might come off as dub-con because of the power dynamic, the story and relationship work out really well!
Monmonmon Rating
Don't think. Just buy this. Worth every penny. The plot and the characters are fantastic. Wished the story runs longer..
Ren4Liz28 Rating
I really loved this a lot. At first I was like the same is men, but OMG he transforms. I definitely think there needs to be a sequel though. I feel like it is still open to possibilities.
EmTheHooligan Rating
I agree with the other reviews about it being bittersweet but happy. I really wish there was more, I enjoyed it a lot.
meiguanxi Rating
Surprisingly a very cute little story! Definitely some spicy sex scenes but the story itself was sweet. Odd, but sweet lol
Ninaa Rating
So good! This author never disappoints me. This story is full of feelings and well written, it's worth a try!
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