User Reviews For: Where Love Goes [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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LittleKazoo Rating
The story was super sweet! All the characters seemed to be surprisingly complex considering how it's only 5 chapters, and seeing their relationships and interactions was really touching. The story has a really nice, finite ending that leaves you pretty satisfied. I was really worried that it would finish at a really frustrating point, so I'm glad it didn't. The art is also really gorgeous! There were some panels that I wanted to stop and stare at for extra time, just because they were so pretty! I'm really happy I decided to rent this book even for the art alone. Please enjoy it!
biggestrebel Rating
this was really cute! I loved both the main characters and the high school student in love w his teacher. The seme was a little complicated and made me sad but the ending was nice. I wish we could've spent more time w them as a couple but it's still good.
HorseObsessed Rating
I'd been wanting this title for a while & just picked it up(Sales are Great)! HAHA. Anyway, the artwork is beautiful, the story is good. The location is unique (in a good way). To my knowledge, I don't remember reading a story with a Lighthouse as the backdrop, of course at the moment I have +1300 books in My Library. HAHA. The Characters have a lot of depth to them. I do like this story. :)
cocoloser Rating
Muroto wasn't very likeable at the beginning, but has a great character development, it's great how the story make a difference between platonic love between same sex and romantic love, loved it
mizore Rating
Reread this comic and still tear up for the ending....
GregorIAN Rating
My brain kept on repeating "what is love, baby don't hurt me - don't hurt me" and it's just a simply drawn story about realistically selfish people and how confusing and destructive and sweet and giving love can be. Nothing absolutely amazing. A sweet read that I probably will never revisit.
funbrillo Rating
I rented this and it is worth the rental. It is a really sweet story. Very little drama and very satisfied with the ending.
theakaneko Rating
Super cute :-) the stories were a little short, but it didn't feel rushed or like there were unanswered questions.