User Reviews For: Where Love Goes [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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LittleKazoo Rating
The story was super sweet! All the characters seemed to be surprisingly complex considering how it's only 5 chapters, and seeing their relationships and interactions was really touching. The story has a really nice, finite ending that leaves you pretty satisfied. I was really worried that it would finish at a really frustrating point, so I'm glad it didn't. The art is also really gorgeous! There were some panels that I wanted to stop and stare at for extra time, just because they were so pretty! I'm really happy I decided to rent this book even for the art alone. Please enjoy it!
biggestrebel Rating
this was really cute! I loved both the main characters and the high school student in love w his teacher. The seme was a little complicated and made me sad but the ending was nice. I wish we could've spent more time w them as a couple but it's still good.
GregorIAN Rating
My brain kept on repeating "what is love, baby don't hurt me - don't hurt me" and it's just a simply drawn story about realistically selfish people and how confusing and destructive and sweet and giving love can be. Nothing absolutely amazing. A sweet read that I probably will never revisit.
funbrillo Rating
I rented this and it is worth the rental. It is a really sweet story. Very little drama and very satisfied with the ending.
theakaneko Rating
Super cute :-) the stories were a little short, but it didn't feel rushed or like there were unanswered questions.
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