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idgal Rating
Featuring my favorite type of bottom, embrassed, and my favorite type of top, slightly bullying. Two of the hottest guys in college have a bff relationship till they have drunken night incident... i really enjoy the artwork and hot sex scenes. Slight triangle with a third wheel character i actually liked( rare). I would have love to see the seme pov.
YokaiAkito Rating
This story is so sexy and fun! The artwork is amazing, and the characters are perfect for this story! I can't wait to read more from this mangaka! Haha! I highly, highly recommend this to anyone that wants a sexy BL story that's fun, with a bit of an edge!
saynerd Rating
This is one of those reads that I find myself coming back to time and time again. I am leaving this review to encourage any future reader to just take the plunge! While it may start off silly, the humor is perfectly timed throughout the entire story. The art is absolutely phenomenal, you will find yourself connecting with both characters, and the story is just fun!
Masunaga223 Rating
I would definitely recommend this one, it's one of a cute type plus especially if you love sensei works, you can't pass on this series with ikemen's and two short stories in the end, but overall I just love it.
biggestrebel Rating
Honestly one of my faves of all time!It's hot, its funny, its sexy, its just!!!! So good!!!! 10/10 def recommend
Kitten95 Rating
Very cute story
LMonster2 Rating
I have read this series before and it never gets old. The conflicting feelings that grow between two guys that used to like only girls is alway hot. It's a struggle that is worth the ending result.
Kobutachin Rating
One of my favs. I love this mangaka!
Shinoshallbugyou21 Rating
A wonderful buy! Worth every bit and more. I always love fresh and unique ideas or when an author isn't afraid to venture into new territories or spaces. There are multipld stories and all of them great! Lovely art, flowing characters, and of course amazing scenes! A must buy- I highly reccomend.
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