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Monmonmon Rating
This is pure romance! The development is steady (and sweet) and very minimal smut. Overall it's a good read and i didn't regret buying this series.
zhein Rating
super cute! love it!
yaoipeepee6969 Rating
They're both so cute and the story is so fluffy!
babylon45 Rating
A salaryman who loves cute things, cooking and housework learns his neighbor is actually his favorite shoujo manga artist. The story and romance progression is nicely paced for 5 chapters. The climax is heart-dropping and the emotional payoff is very satisfying. I would say this is a likable and heartwarming romance that uses the idea of a
Shinoshallbugyou21 Rating
A really good one! This one has a nice, unique, and flowing story with interesting and unique characters. I would reccomend it and I'm happy to go back amd read it sometimes. The art is wonderful amd characters are cute.
Lillybelle Rating
Absolutely love this manga!!! It was the cutest manga! it had so much innocence and it didn't even sex scene but i loved it all the more because it had me hooked just from the story line
AngonsD Rating
Lalalalako Rating
Super cute. Just something light to read.
fionav3 Rating
This is bee-yooooou-ti-ful! :D I gave this manga one of my rare 5-star ratings because it is so beautifully done. The story progressed at a nice pace, both characters were so endearing and quirky, the romance felt believable not forced, and the art was GORGEOUS. Loved it.
Elle Rating
I don't know what to expect from this but, I am very happy I read it. It's even become one of my favourites. If you like something simple and stupidly cute, read this.
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