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Ricelily Rating
This started out like a cute idea but as I read further on it quickly went downhill for me. Art-wise, it's very cute and appealing. I adore that Kaoru is such a soft, good boy but the constant jealousy tantrums to every single interaction was a real turn off. Even more so when it's BOTH characters screaming back and forth at each other. I get that it's to demonstrate a "lovers quarrel" but their relationship feels very shallow and that's a shame. If this is as deep as the relationship goes, one book is enough for me.
Memily Rating
I was pretty disappointed by this one. The art is lovely, but there's just nothing to really make the characters or plot stand out. The main characters are whiny, and their professions of love are unconvincing. There's no sexual tension. It's perfectly adequate as a brief distraction, but it's certainly not worth the cost.
Cerindiputy Rating
The characters were absolutely precious and it had a cute story. I'll definitely be reading this one again.
EternityMoon Rating
A very cute series with wonderful characters. The perfect balance of love and naughtiness.
idgal Rating
Different hero than what this mangaka usually draws, the guys is not confident, herbivore otomen type. It is sweet to see the heroine making the guy grow strong. I really wish this mangaka draws yaoi as her guys are super moe and love her blushing characters.
andiekae Rating
I love almost everything by Wakana-sensei but this is by far my favorite! Cute, realistic characters with a heartwarming story and relatable struggles - it's perfect! I can't stop rereading it
MissMaus Rating
Obnoxiously sweet. Made me want to break out my bead kit and make something for the first time in like 10 years. I'm a little disappointed the other man story wasn't tied up, but its good all the same ^^And excellent piece of marshmallow fluff with sexy sprinkles.
fluffykitty Rating
This was worth the buy. Very nice read.
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