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MissMaus Rating
I'm sad there wasn't a "Go die or I'll tell your wife," moment in this, but I really appreciated how the tachi waited for him to make his decisions. Sure, he's a typical "I don't deserve to be loved" neko,but it was sweet and well written.
sarangie Rating
loved it ^^
Thenameislynn Rating
I'm quite unsatisfied with how it ends tbh. Because the boss was a huge jerk. And he was unrepentant. It ended with him not feeling any remorse at all. But.. well.. since he's not the main character, and the couple ended up together, its ok i guess.
jeejasz Rating
Good stuff. It's what you'd expect, but isn't that why we're here ;)
fionav3 Rating
Okay, this series actually deserves its high rating. There was a LOT more substance to this story than I expected from the opening issue (their relationship starting over developing a sex product! :D). I will admit that the uke fell in to the usual character tropes, but I still liked him. His vulnerable side softened his negative qualities and made him more endearing. And full marks to the seme for taking consent seriously (the uke trying to hit on him while drunk of his ass). I also liked that he was such a good reader of people and all round nice guy. And the 'guard dog' thing should have come off as cliche but instead came off as sweet. Really enjoyed this manga.
biggestrebel Rating
The ending made me smile and really, isnt that what we all want! I'm too sleepy to give a full review but I really enjoyed this. Would recommend
msgiggles11223 Rating
a cute story I really enjoyed reading this.
SakuraLily Rating
This story was so sweet! Initially, I didn't think I was going to like Souta, but I was happily wrong. Both Sasaki and Souta are cute, likable characters. I was rooting for them the whole book. I love happy endings. :)
jellybelly Rating
Sweet. Bitter. Sweet. Wish it were longer but it's good as is also.Love the art
Kiris Rating
Emotional roller coaster. Saved from dire circumstances. Sweet, sweet falling in love!
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