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kcfantastic Rating
The first half you can take or leave. There's not much story, but the couple is sweet, and there are a lot steamy scenes. Personally I thought there was a bit too much dialogue and word bubbles in those scenes making them a chore to read when I would have rather just looked at the art. The second half is phenomenal! It focuses on a different couple with really interesting characters. Especially the uke, he's so weird, but I love him! It's a refreshingly different dynamic than what I've found on renta, and I think if you don't mind some dark themes, like morbid obsession, you might want to give it a read. I loved the characters so much I ended up paying the extra tickets to keep it. I will say this, I'm not sure if the uke actually enjoys the sex that is kind of forced upon him, but he willingly puts up with it so he can stay with the guy he's obsessed with. So if you have issues with themes of non-consent, (and the line here is blurred), be advised.
hushsee Rating
I love this series and that art and just good smut. Both couples are really great in their own way. Not really for everyone especially the second couple. But it is a really fun and smut ty manga, I enjoyed it a lot hehe
malcosky Rating
The stories wasn't that bad but the steamy bubbles was in the way when the characters making hot scene that you could hardly see what's is happening when they're making out.
MioAkiyama Rating
I love the landlord and his pair! They are actually all related one way or another. Tons of sex, jealousy, possessiveness but it all ends well and really smutty too
HorseObsessed Rating
In regards to the 1st story, I could barely drag myself to page 34. I just tapped the book forward & read the 2nd story. OH MY GOD!!! what a side splitter!!! I Love it! I'm upgrading just for "Satoshi & Kakeru"!
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