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LettuceGarden04 Rating
Love it! I didn't know that I had a thing for cross dresser guys until I watched this. Yes you heard me right- there's a hentai anime of this already fan subbed. I highly recommend checking it out! As for this manga itself, I like how it went more into detail than the hentai, especially when the MC's friend comments on the "lesbian" relationship of the MC and the cross dresser male lead. Not to mention, the character design of our trap male lead, so hot/sexy~
wildcretina Rating
I like the story and would like to know more of the background about the guy. He's pushy but didn't take total advantage of her....yet.
ReaderLover123 Rating
I personally didn't like that story. I won't spoil it but the character that comes after the MC feels like a predator and I know most of these stories have that but this seems very deceitful and somewhat manipulative that it makes me uncomfortable to read.
NMAT64 Rating
I don't know maybe I am too into this story line. If you are the prudish type, there is a lot of sex scene. That is why I like this. The MC boyfriend/girlfriend is too possessive, and does make the MC feel bad for everything. But he also keeps trying to make up for his selfishness. I hope there will be another chapter in this series.
PixiePinn Rating
I saw the anime first and fell in love with it. Now I've fallen in love with the manga. This manga isn't all just sex, it has emotion as well. Along with an interesting gender-bender plot twist, that you don't see in many heterosexual MC relationships. The art is great and there is character development. Sex scenes are great too.If you like: Heterosexual cross-dressers, over protective boyfriends, shy MC's, romance, comedy, drama, and of course spicy sex scenes? Then you should try this out.
jazzyotaku Rating
Absolutely love it!!! Need more!!!! Need to know what happens! The storyline and characters are amazing!! Its not just sex, there's actual character development. I want more!!!!
Vivi Rating
I'm definitely going to keep up with this story. I wonder if the plot will ever explain why the girl's BF/GF is so clingy and forceful. Guess we'll have to stay tuned.~
imashrub Rating
Not a huge fan of the whole "repeatedly assault someone until they change their mind" trope in the first few chapters... But other than that huge issue, it's good.
PopsterRea Rating
A great read honestly. I guess the only thing I don't like is that even though his heart is ib the right place, the guy is so possessive of her.
sukitokirai Rating
Watched the anime and loved how the character and setting played out XD. When watching hentai I don't like it when there is not storyline or if the storyline is boring/single idea. This should work out well with people like myself. It has a twist from the start and plenty of H scenes to support ( >///< ) but the plot continues and is not just bland sex.
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