User Reviews For: The Forged Night with a Sadistic Serviceman -Cry with Your Lovely Voice-


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Oranges Rating
This sooooo worth it!!! I can't wait for the next chapter to come!!!
linaluna00 Rating
Chiyoka deserve better. I was so happy to see a strong MC, but she fell in love so soon for some unexplicable reason. This have so much potential but it dissappointingly fell short. 3 star for Chiyoka, but I wish she'd found another guy that will treat her better.
Capitulate Rating
Chiyoka's a sword fighting tomboy. Her sister was dumped by an officer. It hasn't shown what happened to her sister after that, but her fate was tragic enough that Chiyoka now hates all officers. So, of course her goofy parents arrange to have her engaged to one. He just happens to be the guy she recently got into a fight with, and he's a bit pent up, pushy, and insensitive. Can't have the two MCs getting along right off the bat, especially with them being hitched from the start. Anyway, some of Yoshimi's insensitivity is really awkwardness from inexperience. It's a classic case of two romantic novices fumbling their way into a meaningful relationship. I dig it when the male protag isn't promiscuous. The art is nice. Yoshimi is hot. He's somewhat robotic at first, but he thaws after a while. Chiyoka is likeable. Physically she's strong, but she's a bit impulsive/reckless. She does fall in love a little too early relative to the pacing of the story, but overall it's a decent read.
littleponta Rating
Love it! Especially Meiji time? And the art is beautiful!!! Can't wait for the next one!! My stars will change later, depends lol
Shayla Rating
I love the books and art but I think u need one set price on the books it
lanling Rating
This is probably one of the best so far. I love the characters! Can't wait for the next release.
cohen5483 Rating
Really, it's a 3.5 stars rounded to a 4. The story touches less on the MC's passion for sword fighting which is lost in later chapters - too bad. The couple were cute in the beginning and pretty clumsy when it came to love - the husband would always apologize and check-in with her. x2 page count = x2 sex scenes. By the end of it, I'm literally glazing over. Later chapters were harder to read due to all the jealous non-consenual sex. I'm unfamiliar with the culture/history of this era but keep an open mind (i.e. 16th century in Europe when its was normal to have an audience observe a wedding consummation). But things like "I need to report this" and "I learned more this at work" - felt like the husband was airing dirty laundry, pun intended. Artwork is beautiful, though the husband carries this expressionless look that really bothers me. All of the supporting male characters had more expressions than him.
toogoodtobetrue Rating
The art is so good. The MC & FMC finally develop feeling each other. And the MC becomes sweeter. I hope the next chapter will come soon (the last I read is chapter 7).
Avocado94 Rating
I love this story so far, please update and complete. I love the strong female lead and the direction of the story. So great! A must read!
RachelTulip1 Rating
I did not expect it to be such a fun read. Highly recommended!
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