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HorseObsessed Rating
I thought it was just Kiha Chihana's titles that were getting butchered, but now I think it's the translators. There are words missing, words/phrases that are mixed up. It's a bit of a mess, like the other titles this company have translated. The publisher should either find people who know English, or the authors need to find another company, (if possible). It's very irritating to try to read books/series with bad translations.???
Risuna Rating
definitely a good read if you love sadistic professors & don't mind age gaps - the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because I was slightly irked at the awkward translation at times as well as the artist could have used a few more panels here & there to portray a more fluid motion & a fuller picture of the scene - overall I still recommend it
Strick Rating
Ok story about 42yr old professor and 20yr old student romance. Lots of on campus sex. Only 4 stars because at times I had trouble following the storyline. The age difference didn't bother me (probably because my husband is 29yrs my senior, lol).
Mina Rating
I really liked this one. They're taking their time and the love scenes are long and kind of 'real' (the girl doesn't orgasm after one second etc.). I'm waiting for the next chapter!
lineartes1988 Rating
What can I say? This male protagonist is VERY VERY HOT AND SEXY! He has 42 old, but he has a boy's face. We just think he's older than her 'cause the marks about his eyes. And she knows what she wants. I like it! I think is different from another stories with ecchi or smut. And pass by far from the clichets!
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