User Reviews For: Smothered with Love by My Mafia Prince


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fluffykitty Rating
Great story, cute art, but ends poorly. Can't wait for chapter 2.
Nyanko Rating
I wanted to like this more than I did, but the protagonist (Momo) is two-dimensional and insipid, it's really hard to imagine anyone developing such an overwhelming passion for her that they'd buck tradition to be with her. Honestly, if this guy were really yakuza, I'd expect him to marry his arranged bride and keep the girlfriend as mistress, but I suppose that doesn't fit the romanc narrative. The art though, is great. The beautiful characters are stunning, and the main character's love interest is a hottie who does the death stare with aplomb.
baekmari Rating
I think the story can have a lot of potential and character development but I think there should at least be a trigger warning for some of the themes in this series.
Sighz Rating
Art work & smut are well done. The story line is a bit typical but still engaging. Overall, worth the payment
Strick Rating
Love this character! Best Mafia story I've read so far. Definitely one of my top 3 fave stories...hoping for the next chapter soon!
tigeress Rating
Great book can't wait for the next one.
bananaheaven1991 Rating
The storyline is really good. I hope that book 2 get
kayamiku Rating
Like it the story , hopefully there's next book 2
Lovebug23 Rating
I loved it! I really hope we get know what else happens! Dont leave us in suspense to long. Also wish there was a way get in contact with the writter. Story is so cute. Love Ryo so much and how he takes care of MOMO.
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