User Reviews For: Green Doggy Doggie [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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biggestrebel Rating
i thought this was really cute!!! I loved the characters, even the annoying childhood friend lol. I had hoped the other couple would have more of a story, but still good! The art is cute, the seme is adorable, and the sex scenes were really sweet!
karink333 Rating
This felt like a bad shoujo (ofc good ones exist also) know those flat & 0 personality characters , where the whole story is stretched out in 1 volume when it should've stayed as oneshot. I also didn't find this cute at all...
Guest Rating
Oooh I can't explain this!! Um this manga was so wholesome to the point it gave me heart aches!!! Its so cute. I would definitely recommend this to someone who loves cute boys and wholesome lovers!!
somethingelsesomehow Rating
I thought the story was very cute! The relationship happens fast but we get to see what it's like after they get together which is great too. Also I think it's fun to have that childhood friend who is annoying as hell but supportive as well! Haha overall enjoyed it.
Rainbowfujoshipanda Rating
I liked the story, but didn
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