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shannagins Rating
This is super cute! It's a short read, but there's still plenty of the good bits. For fans of slight fantasy elements, and those that like very little drama in relationships!
zzzzz Rating
This went above my expectations, and was so incredibly cute and actually managed to be funny at times. Very light-hearted so far. The main characters have a really good dynamic, even though we don't know a whole lot about them. I went into this willing to give it a shot and ended up buying all 3 volumes in one sitting. So great, and I really hope it continues.
TouchTheSound Rating
This was super cute and funny. If it's only 3 chapters, than it's a little short but good nonetheless.
hishiro Rating
Decent plot and story. Wasn't confusing to follow. There was some build up. One of the better series I've seen on this app....
Blluevaz Rating
Super cute story with decent art! The pace can be a little erratic but it doesnt detract, and overall a satisfying read. I really like Ohgura, and the author's version of werewolves is fun and works jn a cute way.
AithyEl Rating
Way cute. Some of the art is a little lacking but it fits with the quirky theme. Too short! I want more. Worth it.
Cheripha Rating
A cute, funny story about Ohgami, a werewolf who enjoys smelling his love interest, and Ogura, who loves dogs. The art is good and while Ohgami's aggression may be a little off putting for some Ogura holds his own. Even though the volumes are short I enjoyed seeing Ogura's opinion of Ohgami change as they spent time together. It was nice to see them work through their honest concerns of what the other thought of them since neither was clear about their feelings when they first developed.
Moonlight Iris Rating
Read this and the other two. Loved it but want more it doesn't seem finish to me would really like more on the characters. Especially the first couple since we don't see his family life let alone what tomoya family think about there son dating a guy and a wolf. All in all really liked this though.
PennyDreadful Rating
I really like all the different chapters of this series. The art is cute, the main characters adorable and the story is light and fun, but also nicely smutty.
Lisa Rating
love it it's so good
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