User Reviews For: A Feast for the Wolf in Heat


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AithyEl Rating
Way cute. Some of the art is a little lacking but it fits with the quirky theme. Too short! I want more. Worth it.
Apolomani Rating
Personally I liked the comparison between the likes of the main character and the other main character :)
Omigono Rating
This turned out to be really cute. The preview doesn't really give you a good idea of the story or how it will play out. Unfortunately, it turned out to be very tropey. You have a really good idea of what will happen at each turn of events, however, this didn't stop me from going "Awe" at the character's dialogue. For $2, I think it was good. I'm unsure if I will come back to read the other chapters, as the way it ended in the first chapter seemed to be a good enough ending, but I'm also curious as to how they will follow up and continue it.
SuperDarkRose Rating
This is such a cute series! Very cute with the steamy goodness that any yaoi fan will love. Defiantly a must read!
callmeKarmun Rating
THe story of a boy and a wolf boy falling in love!! Honestly, I think this one is better then a lot of 'im part animal' stories, cuz they took the time to grow to like one another instead of just immediately getting intimate.Great for any dog lover! >vO
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