User Reviews For: The Hero's Scissors [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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SakuraLily Rating
So cute! It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it was adorable. I loved that the relationship developed quite naturally between the two main characters and the setting of a hair salon was fun. Right now I'm wishing I could find someone like Keito to cut my hair. :)
mariais28 Rating
The story was not what was expected it wasn't too much excitement going on I wish there was more sex what the relationships I just start to get bored the more I kept watching it all that talks about is cutting hair and trying to have relationship I just feel like it was not worth 8 tickets it should have been two tickets do not waste your money or your tickets on this such a waste of time
naniaquien Rating
I liked the first couple, but the uke from the second story is childish and annoying so I didn't enjoy the second story as much, and I would have preferred that the first story would have take up the whole volume.
linaluna00 Rating
Adorbs and fluffy. Characters are interesting, and while it does make use of cliche tropes, it still feel charming enough. The second pairing.... i think their romance is a bit rushed, and I'd prefer each pairing to have their own volume so they can be fleshed out some more but it's already quite good as a sweet snack.
Aimz Rating
This was a very cute story. Both the main and secondary characters were interesting. That being said, this is a very fluffy plot. There's no deep meaning or twist to this story so I would recommend reading this if you Ike light hearted stories or if you need to decompress after reading a particularly emotional story.
belovedless Rating
Pretty artwork. Fluffy story. I actually liked the second story more than the main one!
Lizetastrid Rating
Art is beautiful and story So pure!! Recommend to read over and over
fionav3 Rating
Wow, but Keito was insanely pretty once he got those dreadful bangs cut! Cute series of stories that all interconnected. I liked the pacing and thought the art was lovely. But it was missing something to make it special enough for a five-star rating.
candy Rating
The best way to accept yourself is to meet someone that will love all of you.
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