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PennyDreadful Rating
I love this series. This one started out strong, can't wait to read the next chapter! Don't start here, start with A Feast for a Wolf in Heat.
Cute, funny, and sweet. Totally loving the oldest brother! I want and story of him and Ayaka (and a history of their parents would be lovely)! Honestly, Narihira's and Chikage's stories can be read as their own. This series, as a whole, is about the brothers' love relationships. I really like Tohtake. His surprised reaction reasoning was something I totally did not think of. It's funny, and cute. Tohtake's and Narihira's relationship came together really well. I'm happy for the two and their conclusion. On a different note, I totally laughed my butt off during Chikage's and Narihira's mating season conversation. Poor Tomoya. I, too, wish good luck to Tomoa's well-being!
ChattyK2125 Rating
This was the last one story I read by Azutaka. I really liked this one. Narihara is the shyest of the wolves. He tries to make his youngest brother think he has it all together but now even he can see his brother and Totake have a thing. Narihara tries so hard to hide his ears and tail he was forgetting to have fun.. He is not only having fun but Falling for Totake. This story like the others is not oozing filth. But instead it oozes a love story filled with charm.
secretobsession Rating
It's a cute story a little rushed though for my taste.
maichan Rating
It was nice.
0hRa30h Rating
He is so patient, but that's what makes him all the more well suited for him. And I love how worried big bro is over his little bros hehehe
RikasGrayWolf Rating
Tis an adorable series. Love the take on werewolves. The whole series was a very enjoyable read.
Sandylla Rating
Realmente una linda historia, gratificante por su final feliz?
mikiknight Rating
This is my favorite out of the three. It's cute and I love the story
muchtwofunny Rating
Cute enjoyable read
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