User Reviews For: I Turned into a Girl and Turned on All the Knights! -I Need to Have Sex to Turn Back!-


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dragontail Rating
I have to admit this got me really hooked. I have already read both chapters several times. I can't wait to get the next!
Alex Rating
I liked the main character, Alto, as he is adorable, but also really fiesty! It's fun to witness him yell at the people who are jerks towards him! Unfortunately, after getting part way through volume 3, I had to stop reading and abandon this series. There are just too many instances of forced sex, which I find really uncomfortable to read. It's supposed to be sexy, I guess, but to me it just comes off as morbid. Alto is often asking his sexual partner to stop (repeatedly), to no avail, and he seems generally upset. There does seem to be a story to follow, but the main focus here is definitely the sex. I recommend you avoid if you're looking for a fleshed out plot line, but read if you're after a sexy story, and don't mind its dark side.
Lange Rating
This one has a really setting of combining both mature erotica with boys love, even though the MC is pretty much a trap trap with those looks. The idea may seem obvious but somehow I haven't seen manga yet which went that way. Lloyd (the blond guy) is my favorite for now but I do hope that they will flesh out Lune more in the coming chapters. If this series goes on long enough then there already was even a potential third candidate already! Looking forward to the coming chapters!Good smutNice styleMediocre storyMuch funNote: Contains a smaller amount of mob rape in one of the chapters, so read by your own discretion.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love this manga! It has made all my smutty dreams come true, hehe! The art is great! The flow of the story is great, it's not just smexy times here. But boy, lemme tell you it gets hot up in this castle! I love that this can be either MFM or MMM, delish! I really want this to be a forever threesome, b/c I couldn't choose between Lloyd the princely playboy with a true heart or Lune the respectful and loyal guard with a freaky side, meow! Poor Alto! Decisions, decisions! This is a fantastic fantasy comedy that has a lot of steam and sweet moments and a very interesting story. I have a feeling who is behind the curse and I can't wait to find out how this all plays out for Alto and his men.
ebookrenta0qpprf3bq Rating
I hate to admit how addictive this is to read.The few non realistic issues I have with this are negligible to the point it doesn't bother me as much as other series do, and as annoying as it may be to others I wont even elaborate on what they are. Im not talking about the curse either...I'm a guy. This is all good. 10/10 Fapable
eboorenta0ml61niij Rating
I can't believe how invested I am with these three!! The story alone is a very vivid concept on the BL front, I'm hoping more of the story comes out soon! Awesome book to read!
Genn Rating
Has me hooked!!! I cannot wait for more. Nice level of erotica and drama/love.
Akikosama Rating
Honestly, I'm not into yaoi but this series is just so utterly adorable I can't resist reading it! And poor Alto. . . . having two handsome guys madly in love with you is tough enough even for a woman, let alone a young boy with zero experience with romance. I mean, at first, I was totally rooting for Lloyd to win Alto's heart but now Lune has also grown on me with his own white prince/knight personality. And seriously Alto is amazing! Bless his little heart but he needs more ambition if he that talented! Dream big Alto! Anyways, although I have no idea which way the ending will swing, I'm actually kind of hoping that somehow that curse will evolve or mutate so Alto can keep his female form and give those two yummy hunks the cutest babies ever~! But SERIOUSLY - I JUST FINISHED CHAPTER 13 AND I NEED 14! The wait is going to kill me!
Rabbitzan12 Rating
This is an amazing, complex story.
sasaraRH Rating
I love this series and need more updates!! It is jot, there's gender bend, openness, BL, hot ass three-somes, and the characters are beautifully drawn!! The H scenes, talk about needing a ice cold water- so damn hot!! Granted i have read to the most current ch, and i really hope the three-some not only stays, but Alto chooses to find a way to be a girl. Spoilers- i think he wants to be with the knights and actually enjoyed being a girl. That said i also love that Lloyd and Lune were so accepting of their feelings for just Alto and loved him/her. I want more updates ASAP. Its a great read(although if you don't like BL, three-somes, or gender bends- this probably isn't for you) however i highly recommend and give this 10/5 stars if i could. Its my favorite as i love the art style, the storyline, character development and everything about this series! Enjoy.