User Reviews For: Bodysuit Fetish [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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mushrooms Rating
Surprisingly sweet for such an unusual premise! I really love how the two of them actively discuss the fetish, set (pretty loose) boundaries, and also compromise by accepting each other and working around it.Still pretty much PWP but the characters make up for it.
PennyDreadful Rating
This is possibly my favorite yaoi since I started renting here. The art is fantastic, it's smutty and dirty and lovely all at the same time. I cannot recommend enough.
TheBetterStory Rating
This was cute, if not very deep. It's 90% sex, but we do get to find out a little about their hobbies and interests through the club. The seme's also refreshingly cute and expressive, to the point it was sad they weren't reversible (although the mangaka teases us with the idea a few times.) The sex is also more consensual than your average yaoi, which makes this a good pick if you need something light and happy that still goes all in with the smut.
usarei Rating
It's really worth the purchase! I love how the story unfolds itself!
mariais28 Rating
Love it love it this is why I gave the story five stars it's worth every ticket I really enjoy reading this an I just love the sex scenes
Felicity Rating
Honestly one of my favourite yaoi manga! Its mega hot and kinda cute as well! Love how accepting they are of fetishes and how they don't shame any of it! You won't regret renting/buying this!
kattyangel Rating
I got a Renta account just so I could read this manga in English! I had the raws for years hoping for a translation one day. So happy it's here and I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I knew I would!!
Ihadurca9 Rating
I love reading about weird fetishes and how they affect the lives of people. I'm very happy that the protagonist is so willing to try to understand his lover's sexual needs.
xExordium Rating
This was my first manga i bought here and I don't regret it. I really love this manga because it has an unique fetish which I quiet like.
Mitsukenai Rating
This was so cute!! I love how they both are a little bit pure yet kinky? The contradiction makes them somehow even more loveable!!
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