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MonSu Rating
The story isn't as strong as Tomo Kurahashi's other works but it's still quite nice, and as usual I love the art. At first glance, I actually thought this was going to be a continuation of Sick and got excited, but I liked the new take with this story and how it ended. They're really good with balancing story with the action, so I can always count on them for a good read!
biggestrebel Rating
friends to lovers is one of my fave genres and this senseis art is always A+!!!!! overall i liked the story, even if it was a tiny bit cliche. Would have loved more backstory for Mio but the sexy scenes were sexy! *q*)b
idgal Rating
Love the works from this mangaka but I feel this is one of weaker storywise. Nice artwork and sex scenes but I felt there was a lack delvopment with the story and the motive for the seme liking the uku besides being horny.Nevertheless the mangaka artworks makes up for the lack of story, cute clean design.
retardedapplejuice Rating
As expected for Kurahashi Tomo-sensei, this one is another great title. A straight guy confuses and frustrates himself after he learns about his high school friend's secret. The story is spiced up with just the right amount of "action" while maintaining focus on the main characters. If you liked Kurahashi-sensei's titles, this won't disappoint.
Jeannie Rating
I really liked this manga and BLCD based on it *^^* It's cute and hot at the same time!
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