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msgiggles11223 Rating
I love this manga. The sexually secenes are great. I also love how their relationship builds from sleeping with each other to get over their problems to being lovers who care about each other.I hope there's more to come.
AinoKusabi Rating
It took me a bit to get into this story, to warm up to the characters, but in the end, I loved it. The seme isn't an overly nice guy at first. But when his background comes to light, his attitude is understandable. After which, their relationship begins to blossom. Honestly, Ren, the uke, is a doll. He's strong and positive even when he gets hurt. I'd say he's my favourite out of the pair. I really hope the story isn't over yet, because I'd like to see the man from Kazuya's past get what he deserves. Plus, it'd be awesome to see their relationship continue to grow!
CieL Rating
Love it! Both the guys have their character. The strong uke, and the cute seme. I'm glad Ren met with Kazuya. Although bad memories in past, but they accept each other now. Fufufu.. Nice sex scene, quite simple story. Their character's growing. It's okay for a short read
Seranwrap99 Rating
This is hands down 10/10 amazing! I loved the drama and the two main characters. Great take on the “stealing my sisters boyfriend” theme.
thivo Rating
So glad I bought this it was worth every penny. The art is so cute and the story line is very good.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
One of THE best ones I've read so far. It just gave me all kinds of feels. It was cute, twisted and funny. Just overall amazing artwork and story. Only negative is that I feel ending was a tad rushed...oh, and that it is only 6 vol.
theakaneko Rating
Super cute story once it got going- the couple was real sweet, especially at the end. Our seme has a lot of damage to work through, and our uke is a little ray of sunshine and hope.
shirutsune Rating
Honestly if you're here for the hot scenes then you'll feel really happy about this manga, but if you're like me who also looks at the plot then there is a lot of points where the plot just made me wince, it all becomes good in the end as usual but still the road to it is just wow. Still a good read nontheless.
bitchyalways Rating
Ohhh....this is interesting. Let's see what happen in the next chapter xixixix.....
HeySayJeskuh Rating
If it wasn't for the free 1st chapter read, I don't think I'd cave in and buy the rest of the story! It is definitely worth it! The plot is interesting and wished it were more longer to go more indepth with like if the sister were to find out and drama happens but rise and end of the overall story was good enough too! Also, as I was reading it felt like some chapters didn't flow as smoothly between panels or pages as if it was missing a page or something but it can be easily overlooked as well.
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