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PennyDreadful Rating
I loved it. I really like the underwear crossdressing stuff, but the characters are sweet, the relationships are adorable and the art is great. The stories move almost too quickly, and I wish that there was more for the two one-offs at the end. Worth the read. I definitely went back and paid for the unlimited rental, I'll be rereading this again.
legallybling Rating
The art is really good and the couple's chemistry is fun! The plot moves kind of jarringly fast but it's not too big of a deal. Very enjoyable, sexy light read :)
ohshereads Rating
Soooo fun!!! The art was beautifully drawn as well!
linaluna00 Rating
This doesn't strike me as MOEE because it's not my kink (cute uke that goes "iyaa~n >A<)
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