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HomuraSama16 Rating
The only thing good about this book is the art other then that it's not that great. The female MC has to work at a Host Club, clean this guys house, and sleep with him or else shes homeless! The only thing the Male MC has going for him is that he's hot other then that he's the worst. He has a horrible personality and basically forces this girl to sleep with him or else she's out on the streets. What makes it even worst is even though the guys a dick she just does as he says and even starts liking him romantically in the first Vol right after he basically forces her to sleep wit him!
PassionDevourer Rating
It definitely has some promise, though it does have flaws. For one thing, the MC is strange to accept prostitution as her only option when clearly there are other routes to explore. Ryou shouldn't be getting drunk at his workplace, even if it is of that nature, and using it as an excuse to have sex. I will keep an eye on the series for now, but I hope that some more character development is explored to justify the actions taken so far. The boss character definitely has my curiousity though.
Araneae Rating
Judging by the top review, I think this is tagged wrong. It's not really "sweet love" it's more "sadistic boyfriend" type - and I love it! I've re-read it and can't wait for the 7th chapter.
ebookrenta0b01knaom Rating
I don't like abusive or sadistic guys that treat the girl like garbage and force them to have sex but I like this story because thankfully it isn't actually like that. I almost passed this up because of the misleading reviews. The guy doesn't emotionally abuse or force sex on the girl. Threatening not to let her stay at his place if she doesn't sleep with him is messed up but its the only bad thing he does and he doesn't force her. His other conditions are fair. She's a stranger who isn't paying him rent. He only came up with the sex on a whim and didn't expect her to accept. The girl is a nice character but too touchy and reckless. She takes offense to his observations, he doesn't actually insult her, because of her own insecurities. She doesn't have a boyfriend or else she wouldn't need to stay with a stranger. She has small breasts, it's not a bad thing. He calls her attitude not cute not her looks. She should have offered to pay rent instead of agreeing to have sex straight away.
nana Rating
I've gotten to issue five and they haven't explained anything yet. The main girl is still spineless and the guy is acting like a jealous boyfriend even though they aren't dating they are just still doing the sex for rent arrangement they started in issue one. If you didn't like issue one you won't like the next four.
Strick Rating
I almost didn't read this based on the other reviews, but I think they were a bit harsh...I so agree that his threat to sleep with him or be kicked out was bad, but him being a horny alcoholic part...well, otherwise, the story has real potential. I'm hooked til the end, just wish it would wrap up soon or at least start to show some love from, well, somebody!
Nanami Rating
I'm typically hooked by the second chapter if the story is decent, but not this one. Stuck with this for 5 chapters because the art is excellent. Unfortunately, there's NO chemistry between the two leads, even after 5 chapters. Their sex scenes especially, are boring and forced, and it feels like watching two dead fish go at it - not sexy at all.
Capitulate Rating
The reviews kept me away, but I realized the 1st chapter is free. 10 chapters in, I don't get all the haterade. The art is nice. The MCs have realistic slow burn chemistry. Ryou is professional at his job. As a host, he drinks what his clients order for him to please them. Drinking makes him frisky, but he's not a womanizer and doesn't sleep with clients. He's the blunt, 'cool' type, but he's gentle and frequently shows consideration for the MC's well being as a sexual partner, and colleague. He doesn't tease the MC a lot and isn't cruel, so I haven't seen any extreme sadism or abuse. He does jealously say something out of line once but quickly regrets it and apologizes in his own way. Tomomi is keen and capable, not weak-willed or shallow. She's just determined to send home as much money as she can, so accepting a "friends with benefits" relationship to avoid decreasing that amount is reasonable to her, plus he's attractive and good at it, so she feels awkward but doesn't hate it.
PersephoneBlack Rating
I read the first issue and... listen if being emotionally abused turns you on then so be it. However, this MC is twisted and the girl is written like she's some slack jawed fool. So what if a guy is hot? You're just going to let him talk however to you and fuck you? People are like, "well he's a horny drunk!" Yeah? Is that a quality you look for in MCs? Or anyone?! Anyway, the only good thing is the art. The rest is bullshit domination/abuse/sadism. Like I said if you like that whatever, but if you want a plot look elsewhere.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Not gonna lie I love this manga!!! Forced to be roommates, a casual love affair made on a whim, good looking guy with serious resentment issues, a guliable inexperienced woman in way over her head, oh yeah I'm all over this!!! The host and cross dressing aspect is what got this started, but not the heart of the story. It's about whether or not Ryou can be honest with himself and the girl and visa versus. Art is great too!!!
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