User Reviews For: Unbridled Affection -Will You Marry Me, Hana?-


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laniaash Rating
It's pretty enjoyable. I like how dere the guy is. Definitely gonna get the next chapter when it comes out.
mitsukuma Rating
Really cute, sweet and wholesome! Love how their relationship is portrayed in this manga. Highly recommended! Especially for those of you who like a short and sweet read!
Tenko Rating
Definitely, a sweet love manga. Nana and Shiki are adorable together and their relationship was written well. It had some dramatic moments that made you feel for the characters, but they never went over the top to the point of disbelief. A good read if you like sweet fluffy relationships.
sensibletron Rating
So sweety sweet & wholesome. Didn't knock off my socks but it did give me a warm fuzzy feeling. And you know, sometimes warm fuzzies are what you need.
cohen5483 Rating
Sometimes all you want is just a story full of fluffy love. Somehow this hits in all the right spots - it's making me float on clouds! The MMC is so considerate of the FMC and loves her wholeheartedly. They're SO cute ugh!!Agree that the ending was too quick. There were still so much to to be told: (1) they should of discussed their upbringing since they share similar situation despite being of different social status. (2) I wish the MMC would change out of his typical clothes and wear something casual. (3) It would be nice to have a little more background on the MMC except the typical one that he repeated 2-3 times where's the grandpa or what work do you do? What makes you so known?
CieL Rating
It's so nice! And so true.. Yeah people will try anything include in bad way to reach the highest status & pleasure life. I'm happy Shiki met Hana. The butler & Hana's consort host pair are nice too~ XD buy this guys!
sandkitsune Rating
Wonderful story but how can it be completed? The end is she's going shopping? That's no end just seems like a part with chapters missing. What happens to them? Is it a guessing game?
ChiiMotosua Rating
Okay, I admit, my usual read is Yaoi and BL, but I was looking at the discount section and ran across this manga and...let me tell you, I was fully invested after a few pages. This manga is SO sweet, and honestly, adorable. But there is definitely smexy time, so it's a perfect combination. I love how Shiki really loves and respects Hana and lets her set the pace for their intimacy. Great read, 11/10 would recommend.
Sighz Rating
Enjoyable & light hearted. Decent smut. Art, plot and characters are well done. End is a bit rushed & characters could use more depth. The interactions between characters is well done. No toxic extremes of emotions & reasonably realistic interactions. It's a good buy and great read.
JeanNamba Rating
Love this story. Wish there is more though; ending seemed abit too rushed
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