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lanling Rating
Wow. Very nice drawing. Both characters are so pretty! Cute and sweet story so far. Love that he's not a jerk. Can't wait to read more.
cohen5483 Rating
Hallelujah - finally a good story where the guy's not an a-hole...I swear these are so hard to come by these days. There were a number of instances in the story that felt so refreshing in comparison to the cliche scenes from other stories. For example - the girl bumped into two strangers (men) on the street. Typically they'll automatically try to pick her up but in this case, one of them were actually "human" and told his friend to leave her alone. The guy is genuinely considerate through every single interaction with the girl and never does anything against her will...gentlemen really do exist. Not only do we get a perspective into the girl's life but also to the guy's as well so readers can better understand the two. I'm loving this - can't wait for the next chapters.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ok so I was unsure of where this was going, it was kinda slow during the first chapter. I think that was so we could get a good idea of how crippling the h's phobia is, if it's even that, idk. But I feel like I didn't get a good read on the H until chapter 2. He seems yummy. I'm gonna guess he's the type of man to want to fully possess a woman; mind, body and soul. Am I cool with that in real life? Heck no. In my manga, yes please! We're getting introduced to more side characters and I'm really curious to find out how important they are to the rest of this story. It seems like the H is totally smitten with the h, so that's promising, cause I don't want no heartbreaker. Especially since I don't think our h's little kokoro could handle it. Art is super pretty and this story has a bit of a mysterious vibe to it, b/c I don't know who all the players are or their motives. Is it just a simple love match with a fearful h? Or is it more complicated? Can't wait to find out!
13scarlett13 Rating
Honestly a waste of money. No action and the heroine is a total dumbass. No solid characters and no solid plot line.
Traci13 Rating
So far so good. The art style is very appealing and I like the character design of the main characters in particular. It's really nice that the main love interest tries to be a good guy. The plot seems to be picking up at the moment.
shiseiten Rating
I'm really excited for this one. The art is lovely and I'm looking forward seeing how their relationship plays out. Sure we get a lot of stories with the shy types, but this main character is a lot more reclusive than the usual. There's only the first volume when I'm writing this, so it's hard to give it 5 right off the bat, but I've low-balled scores before on series I end up really loving so I'm going to hope for the best. Hope this continues soon!
EmTheHooligan Rating
I'm really enjoying the series so far (I began after 8 chapters had been released), and it is really nice to have a guy who isn't a jerk. I really liked seeing a bit of the backstories. I think the only two things I didn't care for was the big-breasted cliche (not my cup of tea) and obviously the sexual violence later on, it makes me sick so I'm hoping the story gets lighter for my heart's sake. Otherwise, a great story and I look forward to more!
sweetsake108 Rating
I really like how the story is progressing so far. The heroine is different from the norm due to her shyness talking to people, but I love how the guy makes the effort to approach her based on her level of comfort. Plus, the art is amazingly well drawn. I can't wait to read the next chapters!
Honeyviolet Rating
The art is amazing. I suffer from social anxiety so I related to mei a lot. She's so cute, her and kou are lovely together. Hope it gets updated soon
Tomochii Rating
I just binge read all the current chapters that are out and man.. things were getting interesting with Kou's past brought to light. I honestly thought the romance part when kinda fast so I thought it would end quickly, but I'm m glad there was something more to the plot
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