User Reviews For: A Capricious Kitten's Melancholy [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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saynerd Rating
I really, truly enjoyed this story. The way that the entire plot circled back around was wonderful and genuinely tugged at my heartstrings, plus it did not leave me feeling incomplete. The art is also very "cute," and there's plenty of steamy moments peppered in. Totally worth the read! Highly recommended!
GregorIAN Rating
The whole thing is a mess. Even though Tatsumi is a nice guy and really tries to make things right - the whole relationship has a really uncomfortable dynamic and Haruto's past is so twisted. I'm glad Tatsumi called out the romanticization of the past relationship, but he really doesn't know the half of it. Then again - bad communication is par for the course in yaoi, so...Still, Yusuke pissed me off. Forcing someone into a relationship then acting like that should smoothly (or even at all) transition into a consensual loving relationship - Haruto basically repeating the pattern (but at least acknowledging it) yet still feeling like he should've loved Yusuke...ugh, should've realized it was a trap when there was only one buying option.
Sophieneechan Rating
Ok, it's good and the art's nice, but HARD TRIGGER WARNING for mention of suicide and self harm (with example images, wow, that came out of nowhere), and for sexual assault (it's way too common in BL).It's disappointing, because I feel like this work could choose to be dark and actually work through those points (especially the mental health aspect), but all of that felt kind of rushed through. As if the author realized
Renta74 Rating
Saw the dreaded “trigger” warning and had to read this, and found a good story. There was a twist on the standard plot line that should make everyone happy. 100% toxicity free! A sweet story with a gentle love
kk121493 Rating
Innocent virgin meets sex addict = A++ rating
Thenameislynn Rating
A really beautiful artwork, some feels, and an unexpected plotwist!
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