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MintTea Rating
Expect a fluffy and a whole lot of silly blushing faces, but unmemorable story. The usual "I gave up on true love so I have meaningless sex with random guys" main character, the same accidentally-sounding-like-a-pedophile joke in the first two chapters, and unnecessary drama. The art ranges from okay to odd looking. (Mashiro suffers a 100 mile stare a lot of times.) This setup of older men having a family with a child is done better in other manga (such as 'Family Simulation' on this site). The sex is okay though and I'm a sucker for Junpei's clich辿d backstory.
Gemstone Rating
Love this story! Not gonna lie but I got a little teared up while reading this story. I've re-read this several times.Totally worth the money.
AinoKusabi Rating
This is a very good story. It has great characters you can't help but fall in love with, pretty art and the couple share a loving relationship. The seme is a sweetheart and the uke is a cutie. Wonderful!
Jinx Rating
The art is really nice and so detailed for facial expressions, which I always find rare. Oooh the feels in the second chapter! Smut scenes are good without overdoing it, but definitely hits more towards smut with feelings type of manga which is always refreshing. Cannot wait for more!
MissMaus Rating
So SWEET my teeth hurt. I'm really enjoying the series and I can't wait to see what they get into. I'm curious to see if any drama shakes out. Also the seme is CUTE AS HELL when he blushes I caaaaaaan't.
Kerals950 Rating
This was so wholesome. Like it just made my heart happy.
OzawaShuri Rating
Very beautiful and wholesome story! I love them all so much, I didn't get enough of it! I wanted more *cries* ?
biggestrebel Rating
I really enjoyed this! A gay parent is always nice to see and I really enjoy any story that has one in it! The art was mostly good; another user mentioned in another review that it would get weird sometimes and uh would lmao. Sex scenes were nice and steamy!My main complaint is that it went too fast and there wasn't enough! The whole build up of their relationship (hanging out w him and his daughter?) were only seen in a flashback/single page???? I would've prefer more of a build up w that! I understand making comics/manga is hard but I thi k that would've added more to the emotional parts.Homares backstory was kinda cliche but I didnt mind it. I wish we could've seen him more at work or what he does, ya know? It was briefly mentioned and he only did one thing for work, which was mostly to move the plot along. I liked Junpei, his backstory was definitely interesting! Honestly, I would love to see more of these characters!!! Sequel maybe?
julie135 Rating
So sweet!
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