User Reviews For: Frozen Terrain [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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bbbb Rating
Cute, more mature than the usual, a little drama but not too much. Girl is older than guy by ten years. Havent date anyone for a while because of trust issues, ut guy changes it all. Now they
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Another really sweet, feel good manga from this mangaka! I love when the lead male has a '"delinquent " look to them. So cute! And he was so sweet and caring. Their relationship was very sweet. Didn't really care about the second couple. Threw off the flow of this story a bit I think, but it was still enjoyable nonetheless. Art is always so pretty and cute.
Jadesaurus Rating
It's a sweet fluffy story, I liked it. My only gripe is that there's a random story at the endish that I didn't care for. I wanted to see more of the two main characters.
zergqueen Rating
The couple is so adorable and such a great match! Would love to read more about them and give them the best and sweetest happy ending!
serenereve Rating
Very sweet, with likable characters. Both the female main character and the male lead had interesting back stories that made you want to learn more about them. Good contrast in personalities- the cheerful baker hiding her emotions and the tough guy baker assistant who really loves her.
nothanks Rating
The main characters are really great, but the ones in the side story are completely average. I wish the author would have just skipped the side story and carried on with the story about the main story. They're engaging and you want to know more about them and their story, but overall it's a sweet story and I'd re-read it. Although I probably won't re-read the side story again.
Hotpotato26 Rating
I really enjoyed the art and storyline! I'm a huge fan of guys that don't look like how they act (looks like a delinquent but is a real softie) and a peaceful storyline with no drama. I really loved the idea of the story and can say that it's worth purchasing!
esp13 Rating
this manga is adorable! i love the couple's dynamic and the sex scenes are super sweet!
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