User Reviews For: Deadly Sugar Syrup [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Nopeachesforme Rating
This would be a five star review, but the low resolution of the images at some points is a bit of a problem - the smallest text is almost unreadable! It sucks that I'm paying money for something with lower quality than your average fan scanslation. Otherwise the story itself is very cute, the sex is pretty good (very good for a first effort!), and it all works very well together! Also, the translation and editing are also of very good quality, which is a big deal! Truly, the image compression is the only thing taking away from this work, and even that's only a minor complaint. Very worth the price I paid for a 48 hour rental!
legallybling Rating
The art is super cute! Love the casual modern day vampire theme, overall fun and hot read!
JenRT Rating
I liked the story and the art, which can be rare for me. The mangaka draws elegant lines. There is a panel where the couple are pressed together that has beautiful curved lines that express their compatibility. The expressions are also good. There is a drawing of the brother in 3/4 profile that is beautiful and the sweep of his lash line perfectly conveys his impish character. I love a combination of character and art, and the love story is unexpectedly cute for a vampire story.
biggestrebel Rating
First, I loved the art. Really really pretty, I cant stop looking at it. Second, vampires? Hell yeah.The story was ok, I was a little let down but those were my own expectations as I was hoping for more vampires to show up? But they never did sadly. I wanted more out of their relationship, i.e. show them hanging out as friends rather than just sex all the time. All in all, still really fun to read! Nd the art style was one of my faves! Can't wait to see what sensei does next!
simplypaigerae Rating
10/10 yaoi would recommend
LMonster2 Rating
This was a cute story line. I love how stubborn the main character is about being honest and falling for his underclassman. Enjoy the “blood” lust?!?!
ebookrenta0j213kc9e Rating
I really liked the story. The ending was super cute!!!!
Lamad Rating
Super cute and sexy, highly recommended!
Liminyade Rating
Extremely cute!! I loved it
hushsee Rating
A very cute vampire story with beautiful art and lovable characters. IT WAS SO CUTE. Definitely recommends!
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