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misshime104 Rating
This was a lovely manga. I think it's totally worth reading.
Weeb4Life Rating
This is the first time I've seen the girl (Ena) be the one initiating all the (incredibly steamy) sex scenes! The guy, despite his stern and strict attitude, and intimidating aura, is actually a bit of a prude, whereas the girl, despite her innocent, childish and oblivious nature, is surprisingly kinky and forward (though ONLY with her man, I'm serious about how dense she is around other guys, poor Kentaro). I absolutely adore Ena and I love how she goes from eager, if nervous, puppy, to energetic and overly enthusiastic puppy, with all the grace and joy that analogy entails. She is so precious and jumps at each challenge with reckless abandon, all her reactions are as hilarious and lovable as they are excessive, this chick does nothing by half! And the art is absolutely gorgeous! Definite must read!!
Capitulate Rating
A stern, prudish butler in glasses?! Yeah, this one ticks off quite a few boxes for me. Takumi just the way I like 'em. Just the right mixture of straight-laced and sexy and Ena is really cute. I like how this author is always subtly messing with gender dynamics, and stereotypes in their stories. Instead of always going with the typical pairing of the powerful, sexually aggressive alpha guy and submissive ingenue that's so common in romance comics, they cast herbivores, cheerful idealists, prudish workaholics, and otomen as leading men with MCs that are talented, ambitious, or independent and sexually assertive. Not that the alpha/ingenue thing isn't fun sometimes, but it's nice to get some change up here and there.
Strick Rating
Really enjoyed this twist on "the butler"! Characters were cute. Continuation stories were good, and extra story was a nice bonus. I recommend!
HKakashi Rating
It is a cute story. I like it a lot.
mamastayfit Rating
Another adorable story by Mitsuru Wakana! I love couples like this
Sighz Rating
Super cute. Great characters that switch up the social norms. Would recommend & will definitely reread in future
panda Rating
Not bad. Enjoy this manga
danyels Rating
Cute story. The characters got no flaw for me, the couple has great chemistry and even Kentaro is super adorable. The smut was kinda lacking, but this was a good read overall.
shygirl25 Rating
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