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dragonsnphoenix Rating
That was sweet and heartwarming. It's so important for people to have those who accept and understand us for who we are and that's what these two kids portray. I wish there was more. Spoiler alert, I'm not sure about the summary's accuracy in gendering one of the characters though.
Morgan1608 Rating
So ridiculously cute and way too short!! Could read another 50 chapters about these boys
julie135 Rating
It was so cute!
0hRa30h Rating
The story was good, but it felt unfinished to me. Minato's side could've been explored a bit more & we find out how the both of them manage to become comfortable with who they really are.
pandaquit Rating
Omgosh it was amazing! I really admire this sensei for their story telling, they were able to tell such a touching and beautiful story in such few pages! All characters were very captivating and I'm craving a sequel so bad!! It's totally worth it, you're gonna love it too!
ChattyK2125 Rating
Way too short! I felt like I was just getting started but I absolutely loved what I read. The beginning of a love story that we know nothing about.
GregorIAN Rating
I agree with dragonsnphoenix on the gendering conundrum. It's a cute story but even for a one shot there's a lot of unanswered questions.
Shiichan Rating
Reread this in raining season makes it even more emotional.
SilkySunshine Rating
The art and story are wonderful, but it's too short! I need more fluff!
StreetUrchin Rating
Honestly, what I hate is that I'm positive it's a oneshot. Then again, also very happy it was short and sweet.