User Reviews For: You're My Princess [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Too cute for words!!!! I love when the "scary looking" (typically just misunderstood) guy is the bottom in the relationship and the cute, princely type is the top. Just so stinking cute. Also, loved that neither was a playboy or experienced, both really kinda quiet guys from the opposite spectrum of high school rankings that fall in love. Loved that it was a bit of a slow burn, even though Seima was totally confessing his love and intentions throughout the beginning of the story. The art is amazing. Kinda wish there was more bonus work with a side story of Itsumi's friends Fuji and the guy obsessed with Kei Rock (forgot his name already) with a possible love match going on. Loved it and will definitely re-read again and again.
xefielle Rating
Delinquent looking ukes are my weakness and this certainly pushes all my buttons! It's cute, fluffy and both main characters have very likable personalities. If you need some sweetness, this is for you.
salikaserrano Rating
Super super super adorable!!! i'm not usually too into burly/tough looking uke characters but this story is an exception! the only thing i didn't like about this story was the the part where itsumi's student council friends were bullying seima. it just seemed too abrupt and didn't really flow well with the story.
Kailani Rating
So cute and adorable, I love cats so this was what initially attracted me but the cuteness of the main characters shyness and awkwardness when he's around his friends and cats but tough looking when alone is so cute! I love the build up of the love story, you end up falling in love with both characters by the end.
SakuraLily Rating
This was absolutely adorable. It had one of my favorite character types in it: a boy who looks scary, but is actually super sweet; I was hooked the first time Itsumi smiled. I have read a lot of great manga on this site, but this is definitely one of my favorites now. The characters were wonderful and the story line was fun and mostly free of drama. I hope the author creates stories for Itsumi's friends and that we'll get to see more of Itsumi and Seima.
BeauteIsVain Rating
I only rented it but the story was really cute and the art was beautiful. I plan on renting the second one in the series.
Pcloveh96 Rating
Very well written and great illustrations.
Coda Rating
incredibly cute story!! i love the art and the characters, certainly worth the points to buy!
raytayparis Rating
One of my favorites!
juliaann1990 Rating
Loved this manga, so worth the money!
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