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rubizafiro Rating
The artstyle is superb just like in the cover. I love how both characters look and the fact that the seme is slightly more femenine than the uke just makes it all the more amazing! I love how the relationship is developed and the humor here and there. I totally reccomend it.
Hexerus Rating
I love this series. The art and story are fantastic. It has just the right amount of balance between sexy scenes and character development. I'm always excited to see their relationship develop when a new chapter releases.
saynerd Rating
The more I read of this, the more amused I am... And the more I enjoy! xD I really like the character design and art style as well.
biggestrebel Rating
definitely recommend! I love this story altho I wish Ryo would wear makeup more he was so cute! I love the development of their relationship! Ik there will be more and I'm sure I'll love it just as much! Give this one a go, its great!
bebeprawns Rating
Loved it through and through! All I want is a second volume!
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