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Mrsmangame123 Rating
What did I just read!? Holy moly this is pretty intense. Um why is his twin brother working in that type of bar to begin with? And I kept wondering if his brother and best friend have some kind of relationship as well, because his twin seemed kinda pissy with him and his trauma, always having to rely on Leo. Oh this has left me with way too many questions and I must get answers! The art is good and there is some good backstory here. This is very kinky and the plot seems like it's going to be very twisty and nothing is as it seems. Can't wait to read more! But those guys his brother works for are pretty rough and scary! No wonder his brother keeps skipping out on his shifts.
LetMeIn Rating
The storyline seems forced, AT FIRST it was interesting but now (after ch 6) everything is simply annoying. It's HOT alright, but the characters are making stupid decisions, acting uncharacteristically and enhancing unnecessary drama. This could've had lots of potential but it seems like the author was just in a hurry to finish before the deadline. Even the art seems a bit ugly to me. Not worth the money, maybe 48h rent but not any more.
Scorpio730 Rating
Is there an award for Despicable Piece of Shit? If so, I want to nominate Reiji, with Leo added as a world class hypocrite. He let Yuji think he found him of actual worth, while fooling around with garbage like Reiji. After not even bothering to offer Yuji any form of apology for being a total douche, he goes off on Tetsuya for something he admitted was wrong. Give me a freaking break.For an honest comment, what has me waiting for Ch 7 is the chance of Reiji being beaten to death & tossed in a dumpster. As to who Yuji winds up with, maybe Tetsuya? The one who wounded him has the karmic debt of making him whole, IMHO. But who knows? Perhaps he'll have the sense to move far away & move on.
afukafu Rating
I found it to be really boring (maybe because I just read Chap 1? Not sure). Except for the sneak peak of sexy time at the end of chap 1, there was no interesting plot development here.
Jaytea Rating
I hate his brother, can't believe he did all that and no wonder he said that he still wanted to be friends with Leo if he thinks Leo is dating his brother, doesn't Leo get that. Oh I so hope his brother get's what he deserves. And that Leo saves him a 2nd time before this other guy does more than he already did. Hurry!!
otakujojo Rating
Uhhhhh, I wasn't prepared to see the twins kiss or for reiji to prep yuji. Why... what the crap......
kk121493 Rating
I don't quite understand the brother's motive for his actions, but other than that it's a good plot with great sex scenes.
damienazure Rating
While the plot feels extremely forced in the first few chapters, but then the story hits its stride and characters get fleshed out. Overall, I felt that this satisfied a good balance between story and smut. Just as importantly, it felt like the story was wrapped up for the main character at the end, though there were still some loose threads with subplots.
Kairinna Rating
This is your cup of tea if you are into spicy and raunchy stuff. I must say that this is for the strong of heart because it portrays borderline incest and other weird things.
magicmau5 Rating
I'm really impatient to see the next in this series! I love hole in the wall premises and this one's super cute.
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