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baekmari Rating
such a good read and worth the 6 bucks!!! story is very cute and original with amazing art. I really hope author decides to release a volume 2, especially because she left a cliffhanger!!
thealliebelly26 Rating
It's really good manga and I read first volume but $6 for the whole volume and I find it less cheaper for the actually manga. Which makes me want to read more but I will buy the next volume for sure. Overall I will give this manga 5 star rating because I read the author manga list and so far it's good. I highly recommended this manga but someone whose 18over okay.
Neyta Rating
Well, the story is good and loveable.. + there are a lot of steamy scene that is so hottttt >_<But I give it 4 star since I don't quite like the main protagonist that is confused with the second male and just let him do her... (argh..)... And the main male is so cute, and I do really love his character that can be cute and hot at the same time
SavageUnicorn Rating
I bought all volumes and were worth it. I totally loved the ending and Lewy had one as well.
SilverKDH85 Rating
It's a wonderful manga! I've been buying and reading it for the last 3 days and haven't regretted it. The artwork is fantastic and the characters are very interesting. It's a sweet love story with plenty of hilarity and hot scenes. The only thing I didn't like was the last mini arc- it was just plain weird and really out of the blue! Skipped right through it.
Nuria74 Rating
All 6 continue history are excellent writing, the art is very good. Please continue more the history with uncle Lewis and his new life. Excellent work.
Sighz Rating
Ack so good. Great plot, characters, & decent smut.It may seem a bit expensive but it's totally worth it
Yamino Rating
This is a must read for me, for real.Wonderful one worth each cent of the price. Well drawn, immersing story and interesting characters, with just spicy enough scenes (wish there was a little more but nevermind). I do have a special feeling for Lewy, and the wolves are so beautiful and majestic and still cute and I wish I had one so much. But if I had to find a bad point I would say there is too much reflexions and thoughts explained to us, like all the feelings of the main character, she is always doing self-reflecting and introspection it's too long, sometimes it breaks the flow of the story. But there's nothing impossible to deal with, this actually add to the overall feeling of the manga.
Jasmin Nunez Rating
It was such a good read! I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and the art was nice. It didn't drag on like some stories do, so it matched my tastes perfectly. And, on a side note, I'm glad it ended with Lewy finding some lovin' too!
theakaneko Rating
This series is wonderful. It is sweet and exciting and dramatic and tense and I am so glad to have read it.
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