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kleepart Rating
I really was not sure what to think about this in the first place. I kind of chose it on a whim actually. In the end, I'm soooo so so so happy!!! The story was wonderful, the characters were great. Our MC Sousuke is super duper cute, and the ML is super hot. The story was nice and happy, they were delightfully honest, and it was just a great read. It was almost a switch....SO CLOSE, that would have been the best.
animepie Rating
I enjoyed that a lot. The main characters' interactions are so funny. In some ways, the story felt quick but it was still enjoyable. Even the considerably more serious issues feel less severe because Mitsuhiko is the way he is. It's just amusing. His and Sousuke's relationship is genuinely sweet and cute though. Also I like the fact Mitsuhiko is a top and bottom.
MeisterJ Rating
It's both cute and sexy. The top is a willing switch hitter which I wish had occurred but is not bad without that. It's a good take on the 'normal guy meets sex worker' with both Sosuke and Mitsuhiko supporting one another. There's a good dose of comedy from Sosuke fainting after sex and Mitsu losing it at his reactions, but also Mitsu's antics as they become a couple. It's a good time, I hope to read more from this creator
Thenameislynn Rating
I should really stop judging a book by its cover. When i first saw this released, i was torn between getting it or not since loose characters aren't really my fav kind. But after reading all the positive comments, I decided to give it a go. And boy, am I glad I did. Cos its extremely adorable and fluffy! And sexy. Don't forget sexy.
Jedirenagade Rating
I absolutely love this story! The art is great and the seme is funny. Also, the fact that the uke gets so serious about protecting his lover is awesome!
saynerd Rating
This was *really* cute. Period. I laughed... a lot. About as much as our love interest. xD
angelfeathers Rating
I really liked it overall! The main couple is suuuuuuper duper cute and charming and the art is pretty nice. I love their personalities and though they aren't full Switch it's still there which is great imo. The smut for them was very satisfying! Good dialogue and chemistry, and they're clearly enamored. Another user mentioned it already but I'll reiterate there is brief non-con towards the end involving one half of the main couple due to story circumstances. You'll be able to tell when it's about to happen and it's like three-ish pages. Still, I think the meat of the story makes it worth a buy!
isalicegermain4454 Rating
This manga was kind of surprising and I got to say that it took me few pages to find those two funny, lovable and cute like hell ! The storyline is quite simple but it definitely works especially if you like adorable and funny characters. So at the end, I more than recommend this book.
Gilrael Rating
I really love this manga's art style and sense of humour. The only reason why this doesn't get 5 stars from me is that there's an (in my opinion) unnecessary rape scene (not between the main couple). But if that kind of thing doesn't bother you, I can absolutely recommend this manga.
biggestrebel Rating
I haven't read a story so cute in a while! The way they meet and how their relationship develops was so sweet and real! Of course, sex at first meet is...interesting but not bad! You can really tell they care about each other and how much sensei cares about these characters!Sensei please give us a sequel where Sousuke tops and he introduces his bf to his friends!!!!! And more domestic life! I'd love that!!!!Great read, definitely recommend!
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