User Reviews For: He's a Girl (For the Sake of Convenience)


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is kinda breaking my heart. Fuji has been living a lie for so long and missing out on so much of the world around him all for the sake of being normal and doing what comes so easily for the majority of the population. And Kana is living his life, exploring new things and keeping an open mind and also being true to himself with no shame. Their shared history and insecurities as young men has shaped them into the adults they are today. Both living such different lives because they both had a different outcome from their breakup. Kana doesn't want to have any regrets, so he lives life to the fullest, where as Fuji is still stuck. He seems calm and cool to others, but is really a selfish man. And Kana is so accepting of him. Their relationship is going to be very interesting to watch develop as the chapters keep coming. After just reading two, I'm so intrigued to find out what will happen to them. Do they stay together? Get a HEA? Learn new life lessons? All of the above? Can't wait!
MintTea Rating
Despite how the cover looks and the title, it's actually a thoughtful story with interesting characters, a couple twists, and a good message/moral. It has an optimistic ending that echos the popular saying "it does get better", especially if you are true to yourself. The artwork and sex scenes are great. I recommend giving this story a read.
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