User Reviews For: My Teacher, My Pet -Trapped in an All-Boys School-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
So much detail in under 30 pages, unbelievable! This is good. I like age gaps where the woman is older. In real life I'm totally against teacher/student relationships, but in my fiction and manga, I'm like bring it! This one is so different compared to the other all boys academy with a female teacher lead and I'm liking the differences. That one was a gag comedy and this is darker. Art is really nice and clear. I'm hoping that there's a love triangle (there has to be one) with Ms. Hazuki, Ryuhei and Ryuhei's older brother. I'm also hoping that Ryuhei doesn't do smexy times with OW anymore, now that Hazuki is in the picture and he doesn't let his friends touch her. So far this first chapter is off with a bang and I can't wait for more!
AinoKusabi Rating
Two stars for the art. The MC, actually the whole story, not my cup of tea. Too much forcing of everything.
Yahiko03 Rating
Oh my. The male MC is so sexy and handsome. I hope this manga develops the characters soon! I can't wait to see how and why the the male MC became such a prick. A sexy one at that too.
BringMeTheSmut Rating
Hooo boy. Now THIS is the type of smut I signed up for. hot Hot HOT. Love the art, love the premise. Non con in real life is of course despicable. But in my fantasy mangas at the hands of hot studs doling out multiple orgasms...yes please. One chapter in and I'd hooked.
Seelu Rating
Surprisingly a good story! I was worried about it being too forced but I really like Ryu's chatacter.
Flyaway Rating
This manga is so exciting to read but the MC is such a jerk. I mean I really want her to be with the other guy because he is better and she loves him. but again, I am enjoying this except for the fact that he is a jerk! I can't wait for the next update! I hope the girl will be tougher in the future!
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