User Reviews For: Our Adorable Asahi


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Hmmm, this seems promising and intriguing. I'm not too fond of m辿nage, but sometimes it just works really well. Can't wait to find out more about their personalities and if the two roommates always share with each other. Also, if it's a true m辿nage or if someone gets cut loose . The art is cute which makes for a really interesting juxtaposition of story and what's going on. Perhaps one of the reasons I want to continue reading this one.
naniaquien Rating
Cute, but superficial. Gets bonus points for not getting rid of the threesome I guess.
aldragon27 Rating
Seems like a cute story from what I've read.
DeadCat Rating
this was so good, if there was another volume I would get it as soon as I found out about it!!
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