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funbrillo Rating
I have read up to Chapter 2. It is a nice story so far and has good sex scenes. The uke is in an unrequited love for his childhood friend/brother-in-law. The seme is a government official sent to tutor young farmers and seems to like the inexperienced uke and talks him into a sexual relationship after figuring out the uke was gay too. The seme has also figured out about the uke's unrequited love. He doesn't seem sadistic or anything. I think he is just going to pursue the uke until the uke falls for him instead. Good story so far.
saynerd Rating
I did not expect to fall in love with this series quite like I have. I was quite reluctant at first, but as it is coming to a close... It's one I look forward to the most every week. The art style is definitely unique and took some getting used to, but just like everything else, I found myself appreciating it just as much as I did the story in the end. Besides, every chapter gives you the steamy scenes you may be looking for. Definitely worth all the time put in and I cannot wait to see how it ends!
gravityyaoi Rating
Really great story! I love the stories where the guy's have interesting occupations, and this is one of them. Ri-ru-sensei always has pretty sexy art and I really like that the story had some real world problems in it (reminds me of my high school days!). The only issue was that it felt rushed, but that's because it packs a lot of story in!
sosetan76 Rating
This was such a heartwarming story about finding a new love and experiencing the joy of being with that person. I really love how their relationship progresses and how they really care for each other. The side characters are also cute in how they try to support them even though they can be overprotective. I read it so may times it's so sweet. It's the kind of romance you would love to experience, I just wish it was much longer. It deserved my highest rating as it had all the qualities I look for when reading a story.
BlackBelle Rating
LOVE. This was just so darling. We have a closeted farmer who is in love with his best friend/brother in law and farming trainer who doesn't take no for an answer. While the Seme is pushy, he's sweet and caring and doesn't really do anything that the Uke doesn't like. Not to mention we have discovery, acceptance, a love confession and a happily ever after. This is totally my jam. Fluffy Smut all the way!
citrusfire21 Rating
I thought I wouldn't like this series much cos I dont prefer forceful semes (I thought he would be from the blurb) but it was pretty sweet and I really love the part where the best friend got all broody and serious! The whole confrontation was freaking fantastic!!!! I love it when semes shield their ukes like that<333 Super glad to have bought this
bunchan529 Rating
I wasn't expecting this to be as enthralling as it was, but it was a pleasant surprise!
Funkypickle Rating
So cute!! The art is nice, the story has feelings and development but plenty of steamier scenes too! So perfect!!
mariaflora1208 Rating
I've read it all. This is so fluffy. I really love this story
shannagins Rating
This is one of my favorite series! There is such a good balance between the cute couple-y parts of the story and the sexy times. I do wish it was a little longer because it gets a bit rushed at the end and another chapter or 2 would have just made it a little smoother. But all around great story and the artwork is a little more stylized but wonderful! Make sure you read the bonus chapter, too!
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