User Reviews For: A Love That Won't Float Away [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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dragonsnphoenix Rating
I'll be honest, the cover and the art is what grabbed me about this book. It's an anthology which means the first story is standalone while the others are loosely connected. I kind of wished the stories were fleshed out more because I do enjoy the relationships. I also really liked the sex scenes, they were really erotic and sweet.
azoubee2 Rating
I think the "There's a God at Town Hall" stories are the best part of the collection.
funbrillo Rating
This was a really good collection. As someone said the first and last stories are standalone. The ones revolving around the town hall are all interconnected. The second story (first town hall one) had me in tears. It was so good. I think all of them are good stories and the weakest story may be the last one with the nephew and uncle. This collection is worth re-reading.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Each story was good in its own way. A bit hard to follow in the beginning, but it was easier as it went for each story. I do wish each one was longer and more detailed, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. Specifically Ara's story hehe.
SilkySunshine Rating
Lovely art and sweet stories.
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