User Reviews For: Just Another Hard Day At Work! [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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biggestrebel Rating
I love Nerima!!!!! God bless, this story was so cute! I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it!!!
sammy86067 Rating
Nerima Zim has done it once again! Personally, I have a soft spot for older ukes, but not only is this one of Nerima's hottest pieces but arguabaly one of the best older uke works out there.
ddoramen Rating
Slight spoilers in this review, read with caution!Older, naive straight uke who gives off the feeling of a guy who easily falls in love... A good-looking seme who's overwhelmingly aware of their different standings and of his own youthful frustration... It makes a potent mix! NERIMA does a good job of portraying the seme's perspective as a young gay man who's still a little prone to jealousy and possessiveness?but only because he's scared of the strength of his own feelings compared to the uke's. I love the ojisan office-worker vibes of the uke, who despite his clumsy, easily swayed personality is really a sweet guy at heart. It makes you want to protect and monopolize him, right? So I understand how Teippei feels. ('・ω・`)
ashenta Rating
Good but kind of disappointed it end there. Wish there was more.
mieikaz Rating
I never actually like reading yaoi about men in late thirties and have hairy legs but not this manga! It's open my eyes and mind! With a young seme who's a bit possesive and sadist, you're not going to regret this.
JenRT Rating
I'm so happy I bought this one! The facial expressions are so good; they express passion, lust and love and tenderness. They make the sex scenes better. There are also some genuine laughs here. I love this couple, and I will reread this one.
YaoiPrince Rating
There needs to be more bearded ukes in this world. Perfection.
Hexerus Rating
This manga is amazing. I loved not only the art, but the story and characters too. It was really cute and then at the end the author was like "let me just throw in a bunch of kink right here" and I'm grateful lol. Even the author's end note story was hilarious and interesting. The bonus pages were good too. This is the full package right here tbh.
jeejasz Rating
This is exactly the kind of thing worth reading. Older uke, all consensual, some pervy stuff towards the end when the relationship is established. 5 stars.
dmitridaze Rating
This was honestly so cute and the characters were so well written. It has the feeling of an old school classic with a modern twist of a younger top. Would definitely recommend to fans of older shy bottoms with a slightly twisted younger top.
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