User Reviews For: Bon Appetit, My Love [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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kleepart Rating
This mangaka always has wonderful art. This story is very sweet. No unnecessary drama, and nice progression. The characters are great, and it's a delight to read. 100% worth the $$
vinlena Rating
This manga is SO SWEET. I loved everything about it. All the characters were so well-developed and believable. I adored the dynamic of the main pairing (the age gap was really well done), and the side pairing was great too! Also, *consent* was handled well -- when boundaries were pushed, characters were genuinely apologetic, which I appreciated. I'd love to read more of these characters. <3
bdryburgh Rating
Cute story about older/younger starting a relationship. The older is gay, the younger straight - but interested! Food and cats and lovins! Sweet story without the nonconsent problems some people don't like. The secondary couple are interesting, and help move the story along.
biggestrebel Rating
Tomo is hands down one of my fave mangakas aaaaaaa Their art, the characters, the cute stories!!!! I can never get enough and this is no different!!!!I wish there were more extras bc I want to see more of all these guys but I loved it!!!!! And age difference waaaah!!!!!
xiasini Rating
So cute I love the art style
GregorIAN Rating
Cute, sweet - not the sort of thing you'd ever need to reread unless desperate as there are so many similar to it that are a bit deeper.
Kerber23 Rating
Great. Per usual. I'd love to see more! But well worth the money.
salikaserrano Rating
omg so cute and fluffy!! i love haruki and how he tries to win haru over with his cooking hehe also the side pairing is very adorable
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